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KEVIN TRACY: A little while ago, I received an e-mail from someone asking where some of the old features of went, such as the phone conversations with Vladimir Putin and of course my duels with the liberal media in press conferences.  Well, I’ll tell you what happened to those features… I got boring.  I began taking things way too seriously and stopped having fun.

So, in order to liven things up around here, I thought it would be fun to ask readers and fans to ask questions and do a press conference with the people that truly matter in this world: the people who read


MARK BOYCO: Why cant the average or begining golfer use equipment that the USGA/PGA would consider illegal, so he/she could enjoynthe game more?!? More Participation+Happy Golfers=GROW THE GAME!

KEVIN TRACY: I was unaware that average or beginning golvers couldn’t use USGA/PGA banned instruments.  If they don’t tear up the course for other golfers or risk injury to the golfer or anyone around him or her, I don’t see what the big deal would be.  How is that any different from kids or bad adult bowlers using the bumpers?

Then again, President Eisenhower – who was the President who made golf what it is today in the United States – probably wouldn’t approve of such high tech devices on the golf course.  Golf, he may argue, is supposed to be a peaceful, relaxing game testing the individual and not his tools.  So if such a ban does exist, that might be why.

Next question.  Hey!  It’s Steve Dalton.  What kind of trouble are you up to now?

STEVE DALTON OF NWI POLITICS: Would love to hear the ktracy version of what went wrong with the tea party movement … With a special section on our own band of misfits here.

KEVIN TRACY: I like how you ask two questions without actually asking a question.

Okay, first, let’s discuss the Tea Party movement in general.  I don’t think it’s fair to say that it’s all gone wrong.  Certainly, the momentum has ended, so that’s the best place to start.  All political movements run their course.  Like anything, they rise, live, and die – some accomplishing more than others.  The Tea Party movement as we saw it in 2009 is in that last stage, slowly dying.  At face value, they didn’t accomplish a lot.  They elected some over-zealous fiscal conservatives to Washington and kicked out a few of the old guard, usually without thinking first and sometimes costing the GOP some important seats.  That’s where things started to go wrong.  The Tea Party ran too hard against establishment candidates.  I dislike establishment Republicans as much as the next guy, but they do serve a very important purpose: caucusing with us so we win majorities and can set the agenda.  When the Tea Party started costing the Republican Party important seats in Congress and state legislatures, Republicans started to pull away.

Locally in Northwest Indiana and in a few other places across the country, the Tea Parties were their own worst enemies.  Initially, all of the Tea Parties enjoyed a lot of success.  However, there are some really crazy people in this country and some of them organized to form a union of crazy.  As a result, the local organization, the “Northwest Indiana Patriots” began to turn into a safe-haven for conspiracy nuts from every walk of life.  Anti-vaccinations, 9/11 Truthers, Birthers, and Islam Invasion types were all there.  I kid you not, I was accused of being a CIA spy sent to infiltrate and keep tabs on their organization.  When I distanced myself from the organization, I was later accused of using it as a stepping stone for my own career.  Obviously, they missed the part where I had a blog that reached more people a day than they were able to pull into all of their events combined.  This sort of behavior was really the death note of the Tea Party in Northwest Indiana.  I think what ultimately killed it was the Northwest Indiana Patriots lowering themselves to protesting, and even threatening, the Portage School Board after they refused Marine JROTC students present the colors at their last event.  Eventually, the Marine Corps itself had to get involved and tell them no.

Of course, I told them on day one that they weren’t going to win that fight and that they needed to save face.  The leader of the Northwest Indiana Patriots quickly wrote a nasty e-mail calling me a traitor and then began allowing hate posts against me on their website for trying to talk them out of using the Marine Corps and high school students for their political function.  So, nobody can say I didn’t try to save them from their own stupidity.

Anyway, the ultimate reason why these Tea Party groups are dying is because they lacked serious leadership and a message.  There was never a good leader in the Tea Party movement that lead it for anything other than personal ambition.  Sure, the grassroots leaders had some dedicated people, but nationally, everybody was in it for themselves and nobody could decide where the Tea Party stood on key things like tax reforms, social issues, and more.  As a result, there was no leadership and no message that tied the movement together.  That’s the downside of grassroots organization.


ERIC OLSON: Why is Pi not as good as Pie?

KEVIN TRACY: There are two well known proofs to establish how Pie is better than Pi.  First of all, almost every Pie is circular.  That means Pi is already in the formula of every Pie.  With Pie, you’re getting Pi and so much more.  Instead of using math, the second proof uses English.  Pie has an E and Pi does not.  Therefore, it is only logical that Pie is better because it deserves an E more than Pi.

Great question, though.  Next!

AARON SIMAC: Breakdown Rand Paul


Too easy.  Next!

TIMOTHY HALL:  Who is your favorite little rascal?

KEVIN TRACY:  My favorite little rascal was Stymie. He was the cutest, and the actor’s real last name was Beard.  How awesome is that?

DANNY HIGGINS: I can’t figure out why Orioles Classics games are being blacked out on my MASN channel on Directv. It is my understanding that MLB blackout restrictions were reserved for Live programming….

KEVIN TRACY: Are you sure you’ve paid the bill?  Again, let’s follow Tim’s example and ask questions, please.   Thank you!

MECHELLE AHLFELD: Who is your beardspiration?

Rutherford Hayes is my beardspiration.
Rutherford Hayes is my beardspiration.

KEVIN TRACY: That is perhaps the greatest question EVER!   President Rutherford B. Hayes is my Beardspiration.  You can tell he didn’t take care of that thing.  He just let it grow and do its own awesome thing.  The most inspiring thing about Hayes’ beard is that his beard was so poorly kept that you KNOW people around him were asking him to shave it… yet he refused.  It’s that kind of determination, drive, and manliness that America is lacking today.

Chester Arthur is my second one, though I’m not sure of if his mutton chops counted as a beard or not.

NIHAD A. SHAMSALDIN: If a crystal ball would tell you the truth about any one thing you wished to know concerning yourself, life, future, or anything else, what would you want to know?

KEVIN TRACY: Winning lottery numbers.  I know, you’re all probably thinking, “But Kevin!  You’re a Catholic and gambling is a sin.”  While that’s true, it wouldn’t be gambling if I had a crystal ball with the winning numbers.  If I couldn’t be selfish, I would want to see forward to make sure my future kids with my future wife are raised healthy and that they have a strong moral character to them.  If that’s not how they turned out, I would go back and try to fix it.

JEFF KOSTRO: How do you feel about the British based bank HSBC, the money they laundered for years basically funding drug cartels and Middle-Eastern Terrorists, and the fact that yes the corporation recieved a $1.9 billion in fine (roughtly 5 weeks of their profits) but not a single individual that made the decisions and it all possible was fined or recieved a single day in prison? I can’t believe more people aren’t screaming about this or the fact that the government let them off because they feared more penalties may hurt the economy!

KEVIN TRACY: HSBC is a great bank that I may or may not have an account in, so let’s change the topic to something more interesting!  FAST!  GO!

RICH WARNER: Exactly how awesome is Rich Warner??

KEVIN TRACY: Not awesome enough to launch a rescue operation to save his Superman toy.  Bwahaha! I know nothing about that!


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