Will Pope Francis Deny Communion to Pro-Abortion Politicians?

In 2004, pro-abortion Democrat John Kerry caused controversy by advocating abortion as a right but still took Communion.  This continued even after then-Cardinal Ratzinger ordered priests to stop giving him the Sacrament.
In 2004, pro-abortion Democrat John Kerry caused controversy by advocating abortion as a right but still took Communion. This continued even after then-Cardinal Ratzinger ordered priests to stop giving him the Sacrament.

For a long time, conservative Catholics in the United States have asked a very good question: “Why does the Church let pro-abortion politicians receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion?

Granted, there are Bishops, Cardinals, and even some priests who have denied them this sacrament in the past.  It was because some priests did deny communion to pro-abortion politicians that John Kerry had to be very careful about where he campaigned and went to Mass when he was running for President in 2004.  Typically, Congressmen and women, including the likes of Nancy Pelosi, go parish shopping until they find someplace in a liberal enough community that they can get away with it.

The reason the Catholic Church itself hasn’t made an official statement, however, is that they don’t want to find themselves in court arguing that they can deny Communion to pro-abortion politicians without trying to sway liberal politicians to vote a certain way: which would then eliminate the Church’s legal exemptions as a religious institution.  BUT THAT’S CHANGING!

With President Obama cracking down on the Catholic Church and our missions in the many charities, schools, and hospitals that we operate – forcing us into providing funding for abortions and contraceptives (I suggest you read Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Human Body to understand why the Church is opposed to contraceptives), the game has changed dramatically.  We’re no longer operating independent of the government, the Catholic Church is struggling against the government to maintain fundamental beliefs about the sanctity of human life.

This is not something that we can compromise on, and Democrats are foolish to think they can force our hand to sin.  I think it’s safe to say that many of us would rather pay taxes and render unto Caesar that what is Caesar’s.  If that happens, the penalty to deny Communion to pro-abortion politicians becomes significantly less important.

Enter Pope Francis I.  When he was a Cardinal Bergoglio, he signed his name to a document that said it was a horrible injustice not to deny communion to pro-abortion politicians and other abortion facilitators. Fast forward to the modern day, and then-Cardinal Bergoglio is the new Pope and leader of all the Catholic Church in the world.  As Pontiff, he now has the power to force Catholic priests to deny communion to pro-abortion politicians and other facilitators.

The question now is whether or not Pope Francis I will do it.

The reason why he wouldn’t has already been established and is why Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI never made the move.  It was a very serious punishment that would have been hugely controversial… and it still will be highly controversial.

However, given his background as a priest from the Jesuit order, known as God’s Marines in the Catholic world for their dedication and loyalty to the teachings of the Catholic Church and willingness to risk life and limb to spread the message and teachings of Christ throughout some of the most dangerous parts of the world; I think there’s a much better chance that Pope Francis I will act where our previous Popes wouldn’t dare.

If Pope Francis I really wants to take on Catholic Democrats in this country and Catholic politicians enabling abortion around the world, I suspect you’ll see him fire the first salvo at his installation ceremony on Wednesday, March 20th.  Here are three reasons why:

Firstly, because Pope Francis I is going to be surrounded by world leaders, including Vice President Joseph Biden and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.  I find it very interesting that President Obama will NOT be attending the ceremony.  In 2005, President George W. Bush attended the ceremony for Pope Benedict XVI, even though Bush was not a Catholic.  It kind of makes you wonder if Obama isn’t worried about being embarrassed by the new Pope in one of the few forums where Obama wouldn’t have access to a microphone (and teleprompter) to respond.

Secondly, because March 20th is the Feast Day of St. Joseph; an excellent time to bring the issue of abortion up while discussing the Holy Family.  It’s also a good time to remind the faithful, including our clergy, what our role is in preserving and defending the institution of family and the sanctity of the lives in our families.

Thirdly, because the media is bending over backwards to assail the Pope and derail his agenda.  Not more than a day after he was elected by his peers was the liberal media digging up long debunked stories about his leadership in Argentina and reporting them as newly uncovered facts, asking whether his age and surgically removed lung from an childhood infection make him a bad Pope out of the gate, and so forth.  Sometimes you have to wonder if they got the memo that the Pope doesn’t have to worry about re-election, only serving God.  CBS is still trying desperately to distract the Vatican from the life issue by creating an issue about the ordination of women.  Of course, these are the people calling for “gender equality” in the Church. (Warning: there’s a picture of a topless girl being carried away by police)

Ladies, let’s wait 20 minutes for the men to come back and remember what we were talking about.

You see that?  We got COMPLETELY derailed!

Even if Francis I does not take the opportunity at his installation ceremony to direct our priests to deny Communion to pro-abortion politicians and other abortion facilitators, there is a very good chance that he will take action in the near future.  Pope Francis I expects us as Catholics to live our faith more visibly and to be an example for the rest of the world.  How can we do that as a Church when our most visible members are actively undermining and contradicting some of the most important teachings of the Catholic Church?

To deny communion to pro-abortion politicians and activists would send a VERY clear message that the matter of life is not a subject for debate within the Catholic Church.

As Pope Francis I said in 2005, we must defend the right to life, even if they “take you to court” “or have you killed.”  Let’s pray we win this fight before it comes to that.

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