Ted Cruz Wins Values Voters 2016 Straw Poll & Obamacare’s Unifying Effect on the Splintering GOP

I thought I would share Ted Cruz’s speech from the Values Voters Summit hosted by FRC Action on Friday morning.

Ted Cruz would go on to win their annual Presidential Straw Poll.  While the straw poll isn’t a great indicator of the eventual Republican Presidential Nominee, it does provide some insight into what evangelical Christians are thinking.

What struck me about Ted Cruz’s speech is that he really didn’t talk about the typical Christian political issues of abortion and gay marriage, the cornerstone issues of FRC Action.  While Obamacare is an assault on traditional Christian values, the speech was a lot like any other political stump speech.  Consider all the religious imagery in Mike Huckabee’s speech from the 2007 Values Voters summit; which was really the turning point for his campaign.  The fact that Ted Cruz won the straw poll with this secular speech is pretty remarkable.

It’s remarkable because it sends one very clear message: Values voters hate Obamacare.

Ted Cruz has been the target of some criticism from establishment “play it safe” Republicans for stirring the pot and inspiring the House of Representatives to attempt to defund and delay Obamacare.  Do you want to know why?  Because stopping Obamacare is a UNIVERSAL issue that is able to unite the entire Republican Party when we are facing a lot of divisions and infighting.

Ted Cruz realizes how important this issue is and the straw poll at the Values Voters Summit last week is further evidence that Cruz knows what he’s talking about.

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