Tea Party in Decline

The Tea Party is dying because of the movement's poor planning, message, and strategy.

I’m on the train going through my news feeds and see this article on Fox News Latino.  Here’s a digital clipping.

One sweltering July day, a half-dozen tea party protesters gathered under a tree in front of Rubio’s Miami office, seeking shade as they denounced his support for an immigration overhaul. But the protest soon turned into more of a support group, with the four men and two women grousing to each other about how Rubio had turned into a “back-stabber,” a “liar” and a “flip-flopper.”

Juan Fiol, a real estate broker who organized the protest, kept looking at his phone, waiting for calls from fellow tea party supporters that never came.
“It was supposed to be a big event,” he said as he waved a large “Don’t Tread on Me” flag.

Florida is actually one of the Tea Party stronger areas, supposedly. Yet, they manage to pull only six people to an anti-amnesty rally. Mind you, this isn’t an exclusively tin foil hatter issue. This is a major staple issue for conservatives and has been for 8 years.  Yet, in one of the most important and populated swing states in the country, only six people show up to protest Rubio’s immigration bill.

That. Is. Pathetic.

The article also cites a poll that shows the declining popularity of the Tea Party movement. After the 2010 elections, 31% of Americans identified themselves as supporting the Tea Party movement. Two and a half years in May of 2013, only 24% identified as supporters.  That’s 7% of the population and nearly 23% of their 2010 supporters that have defected.

I was screaming bloody murder about the causes when I was still involved in the movement. We were giving bat shit crazy libertarians and anarchists way too much of a voice, ignoring mainstream conservatives, and picking fights we shouldn’t have.

And then groups like Freedomworks began kicking good conservatives out of office with the hope of electing perfect libertarian extremists.  Instead, their efforts over the past two election cyces have cost Republicans numerous Congressional seats. The arguement could be made that they are the reason why we don’t hold a narrow majority in the US Senate right now.

No conservative in their right mind would want to be a part of this anymore. And you’re witnessing the exodus from the movement because of all of this.

Marco Rubio will be just fine. He may have protesters in the primary, but they’re all going to be holding Rand Paul signs… and nobody takes those pot heads and meth addicts seriously.

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