Rand Paul Needs to Lay Off Christie


I’ll be rather straight forward about this. I like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie the same way I like Rudy Giuliani. They’re good Republicans for very liberal places.  However, as the leader of the Republican Party and caretaker of conservative movement, whether as Chairman of the RNC or Presidential nominee, both men are too far to the left.

However, the more Rand Paul attacks Chris Christie with his cowardly cheap shots, the more I find myself liking Governor Christie. Maybe it’s an “enemy of my enemy” thing. I’m not sure.

Because the number of Republicans identifying themselves with the Tea Party movement continues to decline, Rand Paul’s best chance of being the Republican nominee in 2016 is by following John McCain’s strategy of surviving the longest in a demolition derby primary season.  The one best way to screw up that strategy is by singling out one candidate for ridicule, especially if that candidate is on the verge of becoming an early top-tier candidate.

There are a lot of conservatives who are scared to death of the radical policies and foolish behavior of Rand Paul. If Chris Chritie is seen as the anti-Pauler candidate, those conservatives are going to back Christie instead of one of the other candidates who best represent their ideas and interests.  Thus, Rand Paul will command the votes of the minority of Tea Party voters while the majority of mainstream conservatives who want to win the next election, or at least lose with dignity, will support Christie.

I’m not normally in the business of giving free, non-cynical advice to Paulers, but our interests are the same this time. I don’t want Chris Christie to be the Republican Presidential candidate in 2016.  There is a long list of candidates I would love to see nominated before Christie; and although the list doesn’t include Rand Paul, I think those readers who happen to be Paulers will agree that we can do better than Christie.

So lay off the Governor of New Jersey. All you’re doing is scaring people to his side.

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