Obama’s Citizenship Case Denied by Supreme Court

Court will not be in session for a case that would have determined Obama's Citizenship and eligibility to be President.
Court will not be in session for a case that would have determined Obama’s Citizenship and eligibility to be President.

Earlier today, the Supreme Court announced that it would NOT hear the case of Noonan v Bowenwhich challenged the eligibility of Barack Obama in the 2008 election based on the legality of Obama’s citizenship.  This then prompted outrage by many conservatives across Facebook and the rest of the internet.  The ‘Birther’ crowd will now forever be remembered as a loony collection of conspiracy nuts, racists, and people desperate enough to say and do anything to kick Obama out of office, including challenging Obama’s citizenship in the court of law.

Allow me to elaborate on my first article on the topic of the Supreme Court reviewing Obama’s citizenship; which detailed some of the reasons why the Supreme Court would not hear this case.

Ultimately, it probably came down to this: Obama’s mother was undeniably an American – a socialist with questionable friends, but still legally an American.  Now, the Constitution of the United States does declare that a person must be a “natural born citizen” to be eligible for the Presidency.  However, the Constitution fails to define what it means to be a “natural born citizen.”  Furthermore, the United States Supreme Court has never defined what exactly “natural born citizen” even means.  It’s up in the air.

Or is it?  One of the Supreme Court’s responsibilities is to uphold the Constitution of the United States according to the intentions of the framers as best as they know how.  Granted, that doesn’t always happen.  After all, I have a hard time believing John Adams or Thomas Jefferson would have given a big thumbs up to abortion rights.  That’s besides the point, though.  The intent of the Constitution’s framers is (supposed to be) important to the Supreme Court.

So what was the original INTENT of declaring that only “natural born citizens” could be President?  That’s pretty well known.  The INTENT was to prevent foreign dignitaries, such as ambassadors or princes, from other governments from running for President and taking over our country in a free and fair election.  Keep in mind, the Federalists didn’t have a lot of faith in Democracy (which is why we have a Republic), so they really made the Constitution “stupid proof” so the American people wouldn’t sell out their freedoms because of some foreign celebrity wooing the masses.

Coincidentally, the electoral college exists to prevent the people from doing the same thing with a domestic celebrity.  The states neutered that balance of power to protect the Constitution and look at who we have in the Oval Office now.

Anyway, back to the point.  This challenge to President Obama’s citizenship isn’t being heard by the Supreme Court probably because it was NEVER the INTENT of the Framers to stop the son of an American Citizen from running for President.  Therefore, why should the court hear a case about Obama’s Citizenship?

The only possible argument is the fascist argument that because President Obama’s father was genetically inferior to the genetic standards of an American by nature of his foreign birth, that President Barack Obama’s citizenship in this country should be denied.

I think it’s funny that the Constitution “Birthers” are citing to claim that Obama’s citizenship status makes him ineligible to be President was never written with the intent of stopping it.  Granted, many of our founding fathers would probably be turning in their graves if they found out that the United States elected and then re-elected a black President.

Now, if you’re one of these “Birthers,” you’re probably screaming about all the evidence that you have piled up against Barack Obama’s citizenship in the United States, including his college records.  Let me sum this up into three words for you.  “Statute of Limitations.”  Did Barack Obama commit a crime claiming scholarships and grants for foreign students?  Possibly. I don’t know, but that was decades ago.  Unless he murdered somebody on campus, it’s been far too long since the crime to do anything about it.

Look, the reality is the the Supreme Court probably did the right thing.  They may not like it, but they’re not supposed to give a crap about what you think.  They are supposed to care about the Constitution and what the framers intended.

Barack Obama’s citizenship and Presidential eligibility will NEVER be challenged in the Supreme Court, and for good reason.  As the biological son of an American woman who, with the help of her parents, raised him; Barack Obama is a natural born United States Citizen.


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  1. Congratulations on a reasoned and objective assessment of both the Birther arguments and why the Supreme Court will not hear this case.

    I do not understand why Orly and her supporters are so focused on this most ridiculous of theories. Enormous waste of time and money. For everyone.

      1. Tennessee really isn’t the best state to bring such a case up. There was not really any kind of standing or “damage” done by Obama being on their ballot.

  2. How can we believe anything you say as a spokesperson here to give this credibility as to it not being a scam,
    if you look filthy, un-bathed and scruffy?

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