John Thune Heading to New Hampshire! Testing Waters?

John Thune and family
Is this America’s next first family? Senator John Thune would be an incredible candidate and I have no doubt that he could beat ANY Democrat nominee.

I’ve been saying since 2004 that then-candidate John Thune (who ousted Democrat Majority Leader Tom Daschle) would one day run for President and win.  I personally thought that one day should have been in 2012, but Mike Huckabee talked John Thune out of running.  Mike Huckabee probably just stated his case that there was no way the nomination wasn’t going to Mitt Romney because of all the money he was throwing at the race and strategists he was buying off.

Two and a half years after Thune announced his decision not to run in 2012, there are signs that Thune may be re-considering 2016.  Most noticeably, his presence at a fundraiser for the New Hampshire Republican Party on July 29th.  New Hampshire, of course, is the first primary state and if Thune can raise money and notoriety for himself in New Hampshire, he’ll thrive in Iowa and South Carolina.

John Thune has proven to be a good soldier for the Republican Party, doing a lot of the difficult and less glamorous things that need to get done, not the least of which is fundraising.  That sort of thing may not garner a lot of notoriety, but it does earn a lot of respect from the people who really matter behind the scenes.  If John Thune decides to run for 2016, he’ll have a lot more establishment support than some may suspect of a Senator from South Dakota would have coming out the gate.

Senator John Thune’s toughest challenge is going to come from the state of Florida.  Marco Rubio’s stock is skyrocketing despite his unpopular (in conservative circles) support of the immigration reform law; which is looking as though it will fail to pass the House of Representatives.  Marco Rubio is raising a ton of money, has a lot of name recognition, and speaks Spanish – potentially bringing in a swarm of new voters into the Republican primaries and caucuses.  The swarm of non-traditional Republican voters was what made Ron Paul a household joke rather than just a punchline used between political junkies like myself.  The difference is that Marco Rubio is a legitimate candidate for President if he runs.  Ron Paul was about as legitimate as John Edwards’ love child.

However, you should never count John Thune out.  South Dakota’s favorite son and US Senator has that special something that enables him to connect with voters quickly and inspire greatness in his supporters.  Quite frankly, after Mitt Romney in 2012, John McCain in 2008, and 5 years of Barack Obama… I think the Republican Party needs to be inspired. I think America needs greatness.

And I believe Senator John Thune is the most likely deliver.  That’s why if John Thune runs, I’ll be the first one to commit my support to and jump on the John Thune 2016 bandwagon.

Only this time, Senator John Thune needs to call me instead of Mike Huckabee.

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