1 in 9 Fatal Car Crashes Involve Pot

mm-fatally-injured3Oh, but yes, let’s continue to promote the use of substances that are killing people.  It is estimated that 1 in 3 fatal accidents involve alcohol; the consumption of which is legal.  With 1 in 9 traffic deaths involving marijuana, a substance that’s already illegal and not freely available, that number would skyrocket if pot was legalized across the country.  As it is, the number has more than tripled in just the last 15 years after medical marijuana has been legalized in several states and then legalized for recreation in one.

Hey, but it’s fun!  Right?  Sure, who cares how many more people have to get hurt or die because you want to have a good time.  All that matters is that you get to do whatever you want.

When I was a kid, the message was really clear.  Don’t do drugs.

No ifs, ands, or buts.

Today, it’s do whatever you want.  I can’t wait to see what this generation of kids turns out like.

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4 thoughts on “1 in 9 Fatal Car Crashes Involve Pot”

  1. But having a buy me beer fund is okay? The reasoning behind your desire to keep MJ illegal is NO different than the mental gymnastics liberals use to push for stricter gun control.

    1. Actually, it’s misleading. I use the beer fund money to cover the costsof running the website. However, I’ve found that asking for beer makes people more likely to donate to the fund. I COULD come up with some clever acronym, but I’m too lazy. Truth be told, I’ve significantly cut back the alcohol intake after my grandfather’s cancer diagnosis and now I have a surplus of beer in my fridge.

      The differences between marijuana and firearms are that marijuana isn’t a tool for national or self-defense and, while our founders did grow hemp for ropes, textiles, and similar functional uses, it they didn’t see it fit to create an 11th Amendment in the Bill of Rights protecting our right to get high and rot our brains. In fact, I the polar opposite could be argued with the general welfare clause in the Constitution itself.

  2. All this article does is show alcohol is more dangerous that pot. Throwing people in jail for smoking MJ or possessing it is stupid if you’re going to allow the sale of alcohol and tobacco. Sorry to burst your bubble, but MJ is not a dangerous narcotic. This article doesn’t prove it and is written exactly like every other “we’re all gonna die from this”, hit piece.

  3. My son and his girlfriend were killed in an reckless incident involving marijuana. The fact that anyone has the audacity to argue this drug (or any other) is harmless is simply maddening. Sadly my son and so many others like him aren’t around to tell you how dangerous it is.

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