Ten Commandments Statue Destroyed by Satanist in Oklahoma City

The impact from the vehicle and subsequent fall smashed the 10 Commandments into two tablets.  It's actually kind of ironic because Moses was given two tablets by God and smashed them to pieces.
The impact from the vehicle and subsequent fall smashed the 10 Commandments into two tablets. It’s actually kind of ironic because Moses was given two tablets by God and smashed them to pieces.

This morning, a Satanist crashed his car into a statue of the ten commandments outside the Oklahoma Capitol.  The Satan worshiper then exited his vehicle and urinated on the shattered statue before being arrested by nearby police.  Upon his arrest, he announced that Satan told him to do it.

The Ten Commandments statue has been incredibly controversial and the ACLU was in the process of suing the state of Oklahoma over the apparent religious endorsement, forbidden by the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights.  The state had successfully argued in lower courts that the Ten Commandments are the basis and foundation of much of our legal system.  For what it’s worth, the ACLU announced its outrage at this dangerous act of destructive vandalism.

Thousands of Catholics protested the Black Mass held in September 2014, supported by the prayers of Catholic organizations all over the world.
Thousands of Oklahoma Catholics protested the Black Mass held in September 2014, supported by the prayers of Catholic organizations all over the world.

Already, conservative members of the Oklahoma legislature are raising private money to rebuild the statue; which will undoubtedly be built larger and more sturdy than before.  The destruction of the Ten Commandments statue comes a month after Satanists were allowed to hold a “Black Mass” at a civic center in Oklahoma City.  While only 42 attended the Satanic mockery of the Catholic Mass (which was reportedly sold out), literally thousands of Catholics gathered to pray to and worship God and protest what the Satanists were doing in their community and with their tax dollars.

The destruction of the iconic statue of the Ten Commandments only further illustrates to us the destructive nature of Satan and those who follow a path away from God.  Nothing constructive comes from Satanism; only destruction.  Destruction of monuments.  Destruction of values.  Destruction of families.  Destruction of people.  God has made humanity in His image, and thus it is in our nature to create and construct.  We create new technologies.  We create awe inspiring works of art and music.  We construct enormous sky scrapers.  We create new medical treatments to heal the sick and save the dying.  God, The Creator of All Things, has even blessed us with the gift of creating, bearing, and forming new life.

Today’s events just remind us of this.

FEATURED Catholicism

Pope Saint John Paul the Great’s Feast Day

John Paul IIOn the Catholic Calendar, yesterday was the first annual feast day of Pope Saint John Paul the Great.  Normally, the Church chooses to celebrate the feast day of a saint on the day they leave their mortal remains to be with our Lord in Heaven.  However, because Pope John Paul II died during lent, the Church instead chose the day of Pope John Paul II’s inauguration as Pontiff of the Universal Church.  This places the feast of Pope Saint John Paul the Great about a week before All Soul’s Day and towards the end of regular time as we prepare to enter Advent (beginning November 30th in 2014).

10380907_4660689452462_7632953589947346198_nTo celebrate, Krista and I joined my parents at a Polish restaurant called the Cavalier Inn in Hammond, Indiana.  The place could use some remodeling, but the food was about as authentic as it comes!  We peeked into the kitchen and even found a group of beautiful, young-in-spirit Polish-American women preparing our food.  And in true Polish neighborhood fashion, we took home enough for two more meals.

Unfortunately, the “FDR Club” of Lake County, Indiana chose to have a candidates night meeting at the restaurant on the same day; which means we had to listen to Democrat candidates and unofficial democrats school board candidates give speeches about how great the public school system in Hammond is.  Unfortunately for the students of Hammond’s public schools, the school board candidates were all delusional with no statistics to back up anything they were saying about their accomplishments.

But then again, that’s what Democrats do.  Thankfully, we didn’t let them ruin our petite for pirogi.  Instead, we chose to just make fun of them the entire time we were there.

CzarninaAnyway, I took this opportunity to try czarnina.  Czarnina has been a food of folklore since my childhood.  When my mom or grandma talked about growing up in their Polish neighborhood; they always spoke of my great-grandmother making this absolutely awful soup out of duck blood.  After hearing about it for years, I finally decided that I wanted to try it but, as you might imagine, not a lot of places offer blood soups.  Yesterday, I finally got my chance.

It’s darker than I thought because it’s not just duck blood.  There are also dried prunes, raisins, pears, and apples; which I believe darkens the color.  Noodles are added, too.  And vinegar, which prevents the blood from clotting.

Fantastic.  I absolutely loved it.  Krista on the other hand… well, not so much.  I think there’s something about vinegar, dried prunes, raisins, or duck blood she doesn’t like.  The girl is crazy.

For what it’s worth, Pope Saint John Paul the Great is among the patron saints of the family.  Eating at a Polish restaurant wasn’t really as important as having the meal with family.  I really am blessed to have such an amazing family and I’m thankful I got to spend last night with family.


Islamists Attack Kurds & Yazidis in Coordinated Bloody Street Battles in GERMANY!

Earlier this month, a terribly under-reported but still very significant incident of street violence took place in Hamburg, Germany.  On October 7th, 400 Kurdish-Germans were peacefully protesting the Islamic State near al-Nour Moschee (English: al-Nour Mosque).  After the protests were underway, a group of about 400 supporters of the Islamic State armed with baseball bats, brass knuckles, knives, machetes, and skewers suddenly confronted the protesters and a “ferocious” bloody street fight ensued at about 8pm local time.  Thankfully, the Hamburg police were prepared to respond quickly to the violence and repelled the Islamic State attackers.  However, many of the Kurdish-German protesters had received serious stab and blunt force wounds during the stand-off.

A photo of an Islamic State supporter shows they were using skewers used for holding kabab meat at Middle Eastern restaurants.

It’s not surprising that there might be people, particularly confused and angry youth, in Germany who are sympathetic to the Islamic State.  What I think has the German people and government on edge is the fact that they are organized enough to respond to a protest with little notice and radical enough to try and silence it with violence.  I guarantee you that European counterterrorism analysts are devoting a lot of time and resources into figuring out exactly how 400 radical Islamists managed to organize like this.

But that wasn’t all.  The same day, Chechen Islamists who had been allowed to immigrate into Germany were instructed by radical preachers to attack Yazidis living in Germany.  The Yazidis are a non-Arab, non-Muslim minority group who have been targeted by the Islamic State with extreme brutality and prejudice.  The Chechen radicals managed to severely injure 11 before Police could respond.  This attack happened about 50 miles south of Hamburg in the town of Celle.  The photograph below shows police talking to witnesses of the Chechen extremists attacks.  Adding symbolic insult to injury, the attacks were focused on Kirchestrasse (English: Church Street).

The Chechens attacked Yazidis in the area surrounding Kirchestrasse.
The Chechens attacked Yazidis in the area surrounding Kirchestrasse.

The fact that these Islamists were willing to use armed violence against innocent, unarmed protesters has got to be alarming to European analysts.  There’s a very thin line between attacking innocent protesters with knives and attacking innocent civilians with pipe bombs.

Germany is home to about four million Muslims, one million Kurdish-Germans, and about 60,000 Yazidis.  Past estimates predict that there are about 30 Islamist terrorist organizations with some sort of small presence in Germany.  Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood are among the largest, with between two and three thousand associates and sympathizers.   However, Germany (and most of Europe for that matter) have not been eager to break up these groups.  However, their unwillingness to target these terrorist supporters has been in part because they haven’t caused any kind of major violence in Germany since the attack on the Israeli Olympic Team in Munich in 1972 (more than 42 years ago).  This month’s street battles might be a turning point in public opinion on the matter.

The only question will be whether Germany responds now by cracking down or waits until the people elect an anti-immigration, extreme Right-Wing Parliament.  For those who don’t follow international politics, right-wing in Germany is not the same as right-wing in the United States.  Germany’s type of right-wing politicians could possibly destroy the European Union in the process of rooting out terrorist sympathizers and deporting immigrants, a move that would be devastating to the global economy.


Krista is 100% Encouraged to Do This

Pause for a moment and admire this young woman's excellent form!   I wouldn't be surprised if she was a trained kickboxer or martial artist.
Pause for a moment and admire this young woman’s excellent form! I wouldn’t be surprised if she was a trained kickboxer or martial artist.

This is in Kazakhstan; which is why you can’t understand what the young woman is saying.  The male (I won’t call him a man) asked the girls how much it would cost to have sex, soliciting them as prostitutes.  Obviously, the girls value their chastity a bit more than money… or even jewels.  I would hope that ANY women in similar situations would do the exact same thing.  Hit, and hit hard.  And if prudent, a kick in the groin is totally appropriate, too.  I guarantee you this male is going to think twice before disrespecting a woman again.

Unfortunately for the young women seen above, the video went viral in Kazakhstan; and Police are now trying to ascertain their identities.  Prostitution is not legal in Kazakhstan, but the country isn’t exactly a leader when it comes to civil and human rights for women.  In fact, things are getting worse for women in Kazakhstan rather than better.

Kazakhstan is a former-Soviet Republic.  When they broke off from the Soviet Union during the collapse of communism in the early 1990s, the they still had the Soviet Union’s basic framework of laws; which were very beneficial to human rights for women and enacted quotas for the number of women needing to be in the Republic’s governmental positions.  Over the last 20 years, Kazakhstan has been slowly repealing these basic protections for women, deregulating them into second class citizens.

While they by no means live under oppressive Sharia law or are oppressed by monsters like ISIS, the women of Kazakhstan still have if incredibly hard compared to women in the United States or western Europe.  There is likely to be little sympathy in Kazakhstan’s legal system for these young women defending themselves from a perverted criminal simply because the pervert was a male.

Women defending themselves?  What is this, America?  They can’t have this in Kazakhstan!!

Hopefully the Kazakh authorities lose interest in these young women and instead focus their efforts on REAL problems in Kazakhstan; like sex slavery, child prostitution, and drug smuggling.


Might Rand Paul Wait Until 2020, 2024 or 2028 To Run For President?

Rand Paul Has a Problem (this one isn’t mental)

Rand Paul (R-KY) is positioning himself to run for President in 2016, but that may not be what he does.
Rand Paul (R-KY) is positioning himself to run for President in 2016, but that may not be what he does.

Almost all indications are that Rand Paul is going to announce that he’s running for the Republican Nomination for President in 2016.   A notion I am very much not a fan of, as Rand Paul is an incompetent and psychotic radical and anti-conservative.

However, for those of us who value what little sanity is left in our political process in the United States, there is one little fact that might just save us from the embarrassing and horrifying Rand Paul candidacy: the fact that Rand Paul will have to give up his US Senate Seat to run for President in 2016.

You see, 2016 is important to Rand Paul for two reasons.  First, and most obviously nowadays, is that he clearly wants to run for President of the United States.  Second, and perhaps most importantly to the Republican Party of Kentucky, is that Rand Paul is up for re-election in 2016.  Kentucky state law prohibits anybody, sane or insane, from appearing on the same ballot twice.  Rand Paul, who promised he would seek re-election when he ran for Senate in 2010, is now stuck between going back on his word (again) and fulfilling his Presidential aspirations.

Rand Paul  2010 Calculus

Because clearly Rand Paul talking to a man wearing a colonial hat is proof that people take him seriously.
Because clearly Rand Paul talking to a man wearing a colonial hat is proof that people take him seriously.

So how did this happen?  Well, I can only offer a sane man’s perspective.  For all we know, Rand Paul thought he was going to be assassinated by the CIA if he ran for President too soon (the GOP’s luck would have to change dramatically for the better before anything like that happens).  My thinking on the matter is that Rand Paul fully expected to have a Republican President in office starting in January 2013.  After the groundswell of support the GOP had in 2010, the idea that we could lose the 2012 race in two short years was absurd.

By losing the 2012 Presidential election, Mitt Romney may have royally screwed up Rand Paul's plans for the Presidency.
By losing the 2012 Presidential election, Mitt Romney may have royally screwed up Rand Paul’s plans for the Presidency.

That was before the Tea Party shot itself in the foot and the GOP nominated the inventor of Obamacare from Massachusetts.  The calculus in 2010 was that if a Republican; be it Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, John Thune, Mike Huckabee, or anyone else managed to get elected; Rand Paul wouldn’t be able to run for President until 2020 at the earliest (because Rand Paul couldn’t survive a challenge to a sitting Republican President).  Rand Paul could then run for re-election to his Senate Seat in 2016 and four years later run for President.  If he lost in 2020, Rand Paul would still have his US Senate seat to campaign for in 2022.

That might sound like a long way away, but Rand Paul is actually on the extreme young side of Republican Presidential Candidates right now at the age of just 51.  If he waited until 2020, he would be a still young 57.  In fact, if he really wanted to, Rand Paul could wait until 2028 to run for President and still be 65.  That’s about as late as I would expect anybody (sane) to make a good, serious run for President.  While Rand Paul would face the same problem in 2028 that he faces in 2016, there’s nothing wrong with retiring from the US Senate at 65 after serving four terms.  In fact, that’s a very respectable run.

So, if Rand Paul decides to wait until after 2016, he still has opportunities to run for President in 2020, 2024, and 2028.

Waiting Might Make Rand Paul Very Powerful

The sniping between Rand Paul and Ted Cruz has been heavy since both began vying for the 2016 GOP Presidential Nomination
The sniping between Rand Paul and Ted Cruz has been heavy since both began vying for the 2016 GOP Presidential Nomination.  If Rand Paul could bury the hatchet, he could be a leader in US Senate Policy under a Cruz administration.

Waiting also has some other potential benefits.  Right now, the national security and Christian right segments of the Republican Party have a strong mistrust for Rand Paul, and for good reason.  He’s not going to be able to win their trust in time to win the Republican Nomination.  Rand Paul’s other problem is Ted Cruz.  Rand Paul and Ted Cruz don’t have a lot of love for one another (probably because they have the same ambitions).  Ted Cruz, in my opinion, is going to be very difficult to stop (assuming he runs for President in 2016).  This puts two Tea Party icons face-to-face in what will surely be a bloody civil war that Rand Paul is not going to win.  In all likelihood, the establishment is going to end up victorious if that happens because they’ll have their guy as the candidate and Rand Paul will no longer have an US Senate Seat as a platform to embarrass them with.

By not running for President in 2016, Rand Paul could potentially be in the position of King-Maker in the GOP nomination process (though I’m sure he despises that term).  If Rand Paul were to endorse Ted Cruz and raise money for him, we almost certainly would be saying “President-elect Cruz” by the end of 2016.  The political capital that could earn Rand Paul would be tremendous.  It’s not entirely unreasonable that Rand Paul could become the Senate Majority Leader or Whip if that were to happen.  That would give Rand Paul a significant tool in policy making during the Cruz Administration.

Dr. Ben Carson is a bit nutty, but that's right up Rand Paul's alley.
Dr. Ben Carson is a bit nutty, but that’s right up Rand Paul’s alley if supporting Ted Cruz is not an option.

If Ben Carson is going to stand any chance of winning the 2016 GOP nomination, he’s going to need Rand Paul’s grassroots organization and especially his fundraising power.

If Rand Paul wants to build trust among the Christian Right, supporting Mike Huckabee or Rick Santorum would be the obvious thing to do. If Rand Paul wanted to build trust among the national security conservatives, he could support Condoleezza Rice if she could be persuaded to run.  I think he would risk alienating a lot of his father’s drug addicted supporters if he pandered to any of the these last two groups of voters; but that might actually be a good thing… he would begin to appeal people who don’t need to be reminded to practice basic hygiene before campaigning for your campaign.

By sitting out 2016 and making some smart decisions, Rand Paul could potentially have much greater influence over Republican Party policy and United States policy than he would have if he rand for President in 2016… even if he won.

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